The Power of Real-Time Data for Wealth Managers

Financial advisors need to maintain relationships with their customers and provide them with constant value. Customers want to know that advisors are hustling for their business and investments.

With the nonstop stream of news, advisors can expect their customers to be attentive to information that impacts their investments. Advisors tend to feel pressure to be ‘on top of things’ all the time, having a pulse on financial news, worldwide events, and then some. Back in the day, people would receive a newspaper at their doorstep with the need-to-know headlines, providing advisors with a few key topics to remark on during a call or standard meeting.

Today, advisors are inundated with questions coming from all directions—phone calls, emails, text messages, and beyond. How can they keep up and do so with accuracy?

Qadvisor: Empowering Advisors with Real-Time Insights

One of the central values that advisors can gain from Qadvisor is real-time data that cites news sources and contextualizes events from a wealth management lens. Advisors can still look to their preferred news sources to inform the goings on in the world. What Qadvisor does is consolidate relevant information in a ready-to-send digestible format. This approach builds rapport with customers because they trust that you as an advisor are tuned into real-time events and will act on time-sensitive information. Our users report leveraging Qadvisor to write daily, weekly, and monthly emails to their list of clients. All it takes is a few minutes of prompting—see here in this demo—and you can send off a daily digest catered to your unique customer list.

Sourcing Accurate News

Qadvisor has access to thousands of articles daily, all of which the platform cites. Advisors can feel confident that the information provided by Qadvisor is accurate and can easily click on a citation that links to the primary source. Advisors have greater oversight in the information they share with their clients and don’t have to complete extra rounds of fact-checking since sources are already cited.

Meeting High Expectations of Affluent Clients

Advisors who work with more affluent customers know those customers expect white-glove service all the time. Millennials and Gen Z, in particular, who understand the customer-centricity of the 21st century and also have high expectations of their parents, want advisors to answer their questions as quickly as possible in a thoughtful way. Advisors certainly want to address their customers’ needs yet have to balance maintaining existing relationships with building new ones. Essentially, advisors must be judicious in how they spend their time—it is the only resource we cannot get back. Tools like Qadvisor save advisors time because AI and machine learning do the querying and synthesization for advisors, giving them more time to spend on conversations and new business.

Rely on Real-Time Data for Prompt Responses

The power of real-time data for advisors means they can respond promptly to customers’ queries and concerns to be more efficient and adaptable. Conventional news sources won’t do the trick. They take too long to review and do not necessarily explain how a given event actually impacts the real world. The goal of Qadvisor is to identify the relevant needles in the haystack and to speak to what it means for customers. This revolutionizes wealth management because real-time data frees up advisor time and gives customers the comfort and reassurance they need. Their investments are among their most important things, and even a slight lag time in responding can stir uncomfortable conversations. Real-time data can solve any potential lag in communication because advisors can rely on sourced and synthesized information.

Tailored Information for Personalized Service

Real-time data is a massive benefit in an AI platform and not something you will find across the board. Other professionals aren’t bound to time-sensitive matters, but advisors are. Tailored information for customers based on their unique risk tolerance, sensitivity to outside events, and so on comes in handy.

By prompting Qadvisor, advisors will query the engine to yield replies relevant to customers’ needs; advisors can specify age, risk tolerance, political leaning, or anything else that will narrow down Qadvisor’s reply. Advisors can look to Qadvisor, hone in on customer profiles, and customize communication for customers to feel seen and heard. Essentially, with Qadvisor, advisors are striking a balance between technology-enabled wealth management and human-enabled wealth management. This blending of skills, data, and intuition empowers advisors to answer the questions that are most important to their customers while simultaneously learning how to communicate with a new generation of customers. As real-time data becomes easier to access, advisors can familiarize themselves with cutting-edge technology and incorporate it into their existing workflows to deliver relevant information to their customers.

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