High-quality data and analysis tools for everyone

High-quality data and analysis tools for everyone


AI-powered Copilot for financial professionals

Stay up to date with what is happening in the world using powerful tool that combines state-of-the-art AI technology and global financial data and news. 

News Graph

Be in the know with Qdeck’s AI-powered News Graph

View the Trending Topics section to stay abreast of current topics.  Quickly discover relationships using our News Graph feature that your colleagues missed.


Read condensed news articles

Our Natural Language Processor summarizes thousands of articles to the level of detail you desire.  Read breaking articles about what you’re most interested in, such as the stock market news, government actions, and world events… all without leaving the Qdeck platform.

Market Analysis

Essential financial data in Realtime

Stay on top of real-time market changes at a fraction of the costs of other providers. View US Equities, Global Indices, ETFs, Currencies, and Commodity markets.

Symbol View

Go beyond indexes

Our symbol view brings a terminal to your browser with all the important financials and charts. View analyst predictions, ESG data, and more in Realtime or 15 minutes delayed. 

Custom Dashboard

Data your way

Customize your dashboard to display the exact assets and information you want to see.  Easily switch between watchlist for targeted comparisons.


Advanced Portfolio Construction

Select an allocation scheme from a variety of options, including fixed weights, expected tail loss optimization and machine-learning methods. 

 Combine with your own return data on platform for integrated analysis.

Advanced Analysis

Power your investment decisions with our Quantitative Analysis

Evaluate a portfolio’s performance on a benchmark’s worst days, investigate the correlation between a portfolio and prototyped strategies, factor analysis and more. 


Alternative Asset Marketplace

Our Marketplace has thousands of assets available for selection including hedge fund, ETF, and alternative data. 

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